Ihojin – Theme of Silk Road –

Release: 1979
Artist: Saki Kubota 
Lyrics and composition: Saki Kubota
Album: Yume gatari

This is Kunitada Saki’s debut single released on October 1, 1979, and is considered one of her most representative works. With its exotic imagery evoked by the subtitle “Silk Road,” the song became a massive hit, selling over a million copies in just two months after its release.

Lyrics (translated)

Children reach out their hands to the sky
Trying to touch birds, clouds, and even dreams
Just like me until yesterday, who didn’t know anything
Believing that my fingers would reach you

Beyond where the sky meets the earth,
there lies a road calling out to travelers from the past
To you, I am but a passerby,
a stranger who simply looked back for a moment

I give myself up to the crowds of people going to the market
And wander unsteadily on the cobblestone street corners
Amidst the murmurs of prayers and the clatter of hooves
A singing commotion surrounds me
And I’m left behind
As the white morning passes me by

Time travel is a mysterious road
Somehow filling the wounds in my heart
All I wrote in my letter was “good-bye”
And I, a stranger drowning in sorrow
And I, a stranger drowning in sorrow

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